3 popular habits that make you gain weight

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Habits that make you gain weight

Each individual has his or her own reason for exercising but most individuals do so to lose weight. Weeks later, it appears as if results are not forthcoming. What you weigh has not dropped an inch on the scale. There are 3 popular habits that make you gain weight and I will explain how in this post.

Exercising can be quite stressful. If you prefer to exercise early in the morning, you might find it difficult to get up after a while. What you observe over time is that you have gained more weight. Then you ask yourself where you got it all wrong. It can be quite frustrating if truth be told.

You might be doing your exercises regularly. You might even set aside ample time for your exercises. Then you notice you are still gaining weight. The reason might elude you because it is something totally out of the box!

Chewing gum is common habit that can cause weight gain

Chewing gum can make you gain weight

I know you are thinking “Is that so?” Yes it is. Chewing gum is habit that can make you gain weight. You chew gum because you feel like munching something while you are engaged in some other activity. It could also be a favourite pastime. This can be your undoing. How? Chewing gum sets off a chain reaction in your digestive system which I will best explain with an illustration.

You chew gum and consequently, your stomach produces acid. This is because your body is aware you are chewing something. So, your stomach gets prepared to digest it. Gum is not food and so you do not swallow it. Your stomach has nothing to digest and you feel hungry. Then you eat to quell your hunger pangs. That ‘extra eating’ automatically makes you gain weight. Did you know that the artificial sweetener in gum gives you excess fat too? This further increases your weight on the scale.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can make you gain weight

Sitting for prolonged periods can make you gain weight

It sounds funny and it might even sound unbelievable but this is true. Sitting for prolonged periods of time, your body is not doing anything that can burn the fat in your system. A simple solution to this is walking.

Now, I am not suggesting unnecessary, if not ridiculous long walks. Statistically, you need to walk at least 3 minutes every 1 hour. You could keep to that or decide what time and for how long you will take a walk. So, a simple walk to your backyard or a friend’s work desk at intervals should suffice. The bottom line is: when you notice you have been sitting for a long while, get on your feet!

Eating too quick can make you gain weight

Eating too quick can make you gain weight

Did you know that chewing food slowly helps burn calories? I bet you did not! I know that several times you rush your food. It could be because you are in a hurry or for some other personal reason. This is not good.
Did you also know that when you eat, it takes about 20 minutes for you to feel full? So if you rush through your food in say, 5 minutes, you might not feel full. Then you opt for another helping if not two thereby replenishing the weight you have lost in the gym.
If you make a conscious effort to avoid the practices listed above, you will definitely lose weight effectively.

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