Make Money as a Music Artist in Nigeria

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Scrollforth has a conducive platform to help you make money as a music artist in Nigeria with a professional artist profile and portfolio.

Make money as a music artist in Nigeria

How can you make money as a music artist in Nigeria?

It would be best if you were talented at making music. However, becoming a successful music artist in Nigeria goes beyond just being talented. As one artist puts it:

Even real talents gan still need promo


You could probably guess the answer by now, to succeed in the music business, you need to be connected. And how do you get connected? You have to network the right way. This is where Scrollforth comes in. Creating an artist profile on Scrollforth would equip you with the state of the art tools that you need to boost your music career and connect with the right people.

A top-notch music profile and portfolio

Sample profile

Scrollforth allows you to create a music portfolio where you can add audio and video files. The best part is that you can easily share your artist profile with a simple click. You can share your Scrollforth artist profile with friends and prospective promoters.

Many would-be artists are creating bits of demo content in various places. But having a standard artist profile on Scrollforth would make you stand out from the crowd. Your artist profile would also be equipped with an activity wall where you can add demo content in a systemised way.

Having a professional-looking artist profile would make you look more productive than some guy that would say, 'follow me on IG'.

You can start making money as an artist even without a record label deal

With a Scrollforth artist profile, you don't need to wait for a record label deal with one of the major record labels before you start making money as an artist in Nigeria.

There are many 'joints' (bars, lounges, nightclubs, etc.) where you can make solo performances and start cashing in. Simple reach out to some of them and share your artist profile. You would be surprised that you might get performance offers from many of them. The truth is that, as an artist, you are capable of entertaining people with music, and when people are entertained, they are more likely to patronise 'joints' over and over again. That is why stepping up your networking game is essential as an artist.

What next?

Create your Scrollforth artist profile now in a few minutes.

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