Seun Kuti slams Sam Larry and Clout Chasers

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Nigerian music heavyweight, Seun Kuti, recently made waves in a video where he questioned the recognition of Sam Larry, a comment that was prompted when someone suggested that Kuti was scared of Larry. The outspoken musician retorted dismissively, "Who be Sam Larry?"

In the same video, Kuti also took a swipe at the genre of gangster rap, labelling it as "vain music". Known for his forthright views and his music that often tackles social and political issues, Kuti's comments have sparked a conversation about the authenticity of internet fame and the value of certain music genres.

In the video, Kuti criticized individuals who seek attention on social media platforms and those who support people who he believes are merely full of vanity. His commentary was a powerful indictment of the current culture of internet fame, where recognition often comes without significant merit or contribution.

Seun Kuti, son of the legendary Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti, is known for his outspoken nature and his music, which often addresses social and political issues. His recent comments on Sam Larry's recognition have sparked a conversation about the value and authenticity of internet fame.

While some agree with Kuti's perspective, others argue that the internet provides a platform for talents who may otherwise go unnoticed. The debate continues, but one thing is certain: Seun Kuti's comments have once again stirred the pot, prompting us all to question the true value of social media recognition.

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