Top 5 Places Where You Can Meet Rich People

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You may like to meet rich people for several reasons. This could be for networking purposes, friendship, etc. If you want to meet rich people, you need to go to classy places. After reading this post, meeting rich people will be a breeze for you. This post highlights the top 5 places where you can meet rich people.

The truth is, rich people do similar activities as everyone else but they usually choose posh venues for their own activities. So if you live in an area where things are cheap and you are hoping to meet rich people by chance one day, then your chances are quite slim. That's like looking for a fish in the rain.

If you are really serious about meeting rich people, you need to be willing to spend more than you might be used to. If however, you are not comfortable with spending some extra bucks, you might want to stop reading now. Without wasting time, let's get into it!

Below are top 5 places where you can meet rich people:

5. Fine restaurants

Restaurants are one of the top places where you can meet rich people. The truth is that everyone eats. But while you might be happy and comfortable eating at a restaurant where food and drink are cheap, rich people prefer to dine in fine restaurants. So if you are really serious about meeting rich people, choose a restaurant where food is at least 3 times the price you would normally pay for it.

I know it might be hard to swallow each bite of your meal knowing how much extra you have to pay but remember you are doing it for a purpose. Also before going to dine at fine restaurants, spend a few minutes to learn about dinner etiquette if you haven't. Dinner etiquette includes which cutlery to use for which food, which cup for which drink, etc.

4. Classy gyms

If you are not comfortable with paying triple or more for your normal cost of the meal, another place to consider is a gym. Look for an expensive gym and sign up for membership. Again, it would probably cost double or more of your normal gym subscription. The good news however is that gym membership is usually a one-time payment for a long-term benefit. It is also much easier to get acquainted with people in the gym so you are bound to get some really good results.

3. Expensive hotels

Everyone likes to save money so it would make sense if you choose to stay at a cheap hotel during your vacation. But if you are hoping to meet rich people at a 3-star hotel then your chances are very slim. Instead, go for a 4 or 5-star hotel depending on your wallet. Ric hotels don't come cheap so if you are really concerned about your wallet, try the hotel bar or restaurant instead. Hotel restaurants and bars are not usually exclusive to guests only.

2.Tennis clubs

Maybe not as posh as golf clubs but you would still be able to connect with rich people at tennis clubs. Again, go for an expensive one when choosing a tennis club to join.

1. Golf clubs

A list of places where you can meet rich people would be incomplete without mentioning golf clubs. While you might like to play football, rich people seem to prefer golf. Perhaps because golf is very easy to play and less stressful. I mean, think of it, you just hit the ball with a 'stick' (club) and away it flies!

Golf clubs are typically expensive as well and are often exclusive to members only. In essence, you might not even be able to access the bar if you are not a member. But golf clubs are actually one of the top places to meet rich people. If you are really serious about networking with rich people, consider joining a golf club even if you have to save money for it. You might be able to meet millionaires and billionaires in golf clubs.

One last tip, when trying to meet rich people, try to dress rich. Don't overdo it though, just a bit for you to blend in. For instance, you might want to avoid wearing lousy fake designer outfits that are easy to spot from a mile away.


You might notice that I didn't mention expensive nightclubs in the list. I left it out on purpose. This is because nightclubs are usually the main places people go when they are trying to meet new people. The truth is that there is a very high chance that you would end up meeting someone just on the same level as yourself in nightclubs. Remember you are not the only one who is planning to meet posh people so consider the top 5 places to meet rich people instead.

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