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Publish you post in relevant group on Scrollforth to reach your desired audience

Publish your post in relevant group to reach your desired audience.

To ensure that your posts reach your desired audience, it is good practice to publish your post in relevant group.

You might have seen situations where one has hundreds or thousands of friends or followers on their social media platform. Then they publish a post only to get few disproportionate reactions to their number of friends or followers. This is most probably because their friends or followers might not be interested in the particular post or topic.

For instance if you make a post about how to make goat meat pepper soup on your activity wall, you probably wouldn't get any reaction from your some of your friends who might be vegans.

Although, making a public post is also likely to enable your post to reach a wide audience, publishing in a relevant group significantly helps your post to reach your desired audience. When posting in a group however, ensure that your post is relevant for the group. Simply posting in every group to gain attention or reaction is bad practice and is tantamount to spamming.

How does your post reach the desired audience when you publish your post in relevant group?

Here is why you are likely to reach the desired audience when you publish your post in relevant group

1. People usually join groups because they are interested in the particular group activity.

2. Many people subscribe for notifications for group activities and would receive notifications for posts even when they are not logged in to the platform.

On the other hand, when you simply post on the public activity wall, your post would only be seen when people are logged in to the platform to view the public activity wall. Because several posts are published on the public activity wall, it is unrealistic for members to subscribe for notifications for every single post published on the public activity wall. Their email boxes would simply be flooded.

If you are willing to go a step further in reaching the desired audience, you could publish your thought or idea by submitting it as a blog on the platform.

Publish your thought or idea as a blog article on Scrollforth

How do you reach the desired audience by submitting your post as blog?

Now don't get confused. The term 'blog' is actually quite broad. Even when you make a simple post on your activity wall, you are actively blogging. You could blog vide various media such as video, music, voice recording, photograph, writing etc. However, when you submit a blog article for publication, it is a little different.

There are many ways you can blog on Scrollforth

Here is why

When you submit your thought or idea for publication as a blog, we review it for search engine optimization (SEO). If you are not familiar with SEO, what we mean is that your post will be reviewed to ensure that it could be easily found on search engines. Consequently, your post would not only be seen by members on the platform. It could also be found by anyone interested in your topic who has conducted a search on the internet.

Please note that, when you publish your post in a relevant group, it is still capable of being found through internet search if the group is a public group. However, if the group is private, then your post would only be seen by members of the group.

In case you are not aware, a large part of the internet is made up of blogs. These are thoughts or ideas put into writing or other media by ordinary people. There are many other benefits of publishing blog articles which we cannot cover now. Most significant however, is that:

Your works/posts start to gain recognition as many readers become engaged. This means that you become a sort of authoritative figure in the topic you post about.

Suppose you are a photographer for instance, and you publish regular blog posts about photography, before you know it, your name starts to show in search engines when people search for photography related information. This, you can imagine by now, could give a significant boost to your personality, trade or business.

Tips on publishing blog articles

1. Stay on one topic or genre.

You have probably heard the saying already: ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. The more diverse your topics are, the less authoritative you would seem on the topics. Posting regularly on one topic however would give people the impression that you are knowledgeable on the topic. Blog on a topic/genre you are comfortable with or find a niche.

2. Be original

A copied post could easily be detected by simple advanced search techniques on search engines so avoid copying someone else’s post. This does not mean that you should not make references to other people’s articles or works. In fact, linking to other posts on the internet is good SEO practice.

Please note that there is a difference between linking and copying.

What is linking?

Linking is simply what you do when you create a link in your blog post to other posts for more information on a subject or topic.


Copying also known as plagiarizing in formal terms means copying other people’s content and publishing it as your own. If you really need to copy and use part of someone else’s work, feel free to do so with the person’s permission. Copying someone else’s work without their permission however could constitute an infringement of their intellectual property right.

If you could, try to to make sure that your blog posts reflect your own original thoughts or ideas.


Your thought or idea is like a seed. Publishing a post for the purpose of networking is like sowing a seed. If your post is not reaching the desired audience or is not generating the desired reaction, then you are probably not publishing it the right way or for the right audience.

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